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Elm Wood Primary School

Stars of the Week
  • class 1: Jessica Palka - for being a wonderful friend to everyone in class 1.
  • class 2: samuel merriman - for being a great bucket filler for his friends.
  • class 3: zac pennington - for always trying his hardest.
  • Class 4; joshua hartley - for always trying his best in everything he does.
  • class 5: kyle fox - for being a fantastic role model and giving his best in everything he does.
  • class 6: joseph blood - for working hard to write a newspaper report.
  • class 7: joudi nashwari - for writing an amazing persuasive letter.
  • class 8: kaya somnez - for a huge improvement in his hand writing.
  • class 9: jacob young - for showing an improved attitude to learning all week.
  • class 10: catherine higginbottom - for fantastic work on time.
  • class 11: elliott motterhead - for improving his behaviour.
  • class 12: taliah goldie - for a fantastic and positive attitude to everything.
  • class 13: charlie bridge - for his wonderful blurb for his quest story.
  • class 14: kian mccarthy - for a fantastic descriptive quest story.


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    Parent Pay

    At Elm Wood Primary School we are trying to become a cashless school. If you need to pay for a school trip or dinner money, please pay through the ParentPay system.

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