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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 6 Class 13

Class Teacher -  Miss Edwards

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Jackson

                                     Mrs Harris


Summer 1 – A Child’s War



In English we will be learning about A Child’s War and life in Manchester during WWII. We will be writing letters about our time during The Blitz. Also, we will research about the remarkable life of Anne Frank before we produce a detailed biography about her.  Then, based on all our learning, we will imagine that we are Anne Frank and write diary entries about our time in the annex.

We will be acting out the play script Bombs and Blackberries, imagining that we were living in Manchester during the Blitz.



This half term we will be working out the area and perimeter of various shapes including triangles and parallelograms. We will be solving word problems on fractions, decimals and percentages and the four rules of number using our reasoning skills. In addition to this, we will be working on algebra and BODMAS and refining our arithmetic skills.



During our Science lessons, we will test and make our own electrical circuits and investigate insulators and conductors of electricity.



In our History lessons, we will research the significant events of WWII, including the Battle of Britain and D Day, and when the war ended.

D & T

In our Design Technology lessons, we will research military vehicles and design, make and evaluate our own.  


In our Art lessons, we will produce collages based on the Blitz.


In computing, we will be enhancing our programming skills by creating an interactive maths game using the Scratch program.

P.E / Games

During this half term we will be learning the skills/rules of rounders’ before playing rounders’ matches.