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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 6 Class 13

Class Teacher -  Miss Edwards

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Jackson

                                     Mrs Harris


Year 6 Summer Term 2 – The Vikings



In English, we will be finishing our topic about the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner and, using our knowledge of text types, writing play scripts and news reports based on it. Following this learning, we will then be exploring ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare where we will create character descriptions; summarise scenes from the story; and discuss Shakespeare’s style of writing.



This half term we will be reviewing our learning on the key Year 6 Maths objectives including, number, measure and statistics. Also, we will continue to refine our reasoning, fluency and problem solving skills through multi-step word problems and Arithmetic challenges.



In History, we will be learning all about the Viking Age, including their raid on Britain and their daily life and beliefs.

In our Science lessons, we will test and make our own electrical circuits, looking at how different components function and using the correct electrical symbols. Also, we will investigate insulators and conductors of electricity.

In our Art lessons, we will produce artwork based on the Vikings, including designing our own long ships and Viking jewellery.

In Computing, we will be writing an algorithm to create a Maths game in Scratch, using variables and inputs. We will regularly debug our program and check for any errors in the algorithm structure.


P.E / Games

During this half term, we will be developing our cricket skills before playing matches. Also, we will be completing various athletic field and track activities with a focus on building up our skills and stamina.