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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 2 Class 6

The team in Class 6 are:

Class Teacher:  Miss Taylor

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gavin, Mrs Hartley and Mrs Berry.


Our Topic for Autumn 2 is Victorians.

So, just what did the Victorians ever do for us? Helen Arney investigates |  Express Comment | Comment | 

English:  Leather Shoe Charlie and Oliver Twist.

In English this half term we will be exploring the stories of Leather Shoe Charlie and Oliver Twist.

Leather Shoe Charlie: Industrial Revolution (UK) (Economy and Culture  Storybooks) : Kim, Gyeong-Hwa, Balbusso, Anna, Balbusso, Elena: Books Ladybird Classics: Oliver Twist: Dickens, Charles, Horrocks,  Steve: 9781409311256: Books

The children will be writing retell, letters,  character descriptions and making predictions. 

We will continue with spelling and handwriting lessons. 


We will be working on Money and Multiplication and Division. 

Foundation Subjects:

History: As we are learning about the Victorians, we will learn about what life was like in Victorian times. We will compare Victorian and modern day homes, explore schools, workhouses, children's jobs, hospitals and how the Victorians celebrated Christmas. We will be learning about two famous individuals Mary Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

Art and Design: We will be researching the famous artist L.S Lowry and we will create a piece of art work inspired by L.S Lowry. 

PE: The children will be continuing to work on team games and ball skills in "send & return" - Manchester City.

PHSE: We will continue to use our new SCARF resources to learn about "Growing and Changing". 

Science : We will be learning about Living things including humans.

Computing: We will be learning about Making Music, using Purple Mash.  

RE: We will be learning about sacred texts, using the question "What can we learn from Sacred texts?"

Music: We are following the Charanga music scheme - Ho, Ho, Ho.