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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 2 Class 5

The team in Class 5 are:

Class Teacher: Mrs Slater 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Graham and Mrs Berry

Our Topic for Spring 2 is Land Ahoy.

Get your sea legs on, it’s time to sail the salty seas. Navigate, investigate and explore the world - just like Captain Cook!

Make a boat, sink a ship, fly a pirate flag! Speak like a pirate, write like a poet, then weigh and measure a     pirate’s booty!

How do rescues happen at sea? Find out about brave volunteers and Grace Darling, rowing her boat across the seas!

English:  The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

We will be writing stories and poems and focussing on description.

We will use information books to find out about pirates and sea rescues.

We will be writing postcards.

Maths: We will use weight and measures.

We will focus upon direction and position.

We will continue to solve problems in number.

We will be practising our 2x, 5x, 10x tables.

Geography: We will be using and making maps finding places and use/give directions. We will locate and learn the four countries of the Uk and their capital cities.  We will be able to identify the seas which surround the UK.

Art: We will use observational skills to draw a boat, using a range of drawing materials. We will design and make lighthouses/boats.

PE: Invasion games.

PHSE: We will continue with Dinosaur School to help us to develop social and emotional skills.

Science : We will explore different materials to find out which materials float and which ones sink.

History: We will find out about famous explorers from the past, e.g. Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Drake. We will be learning about pirates from the past and historical figures who have saved and helped others at sea.

Computing: We will be creating presentations about famous people from the past.

RE: The children will be learning about Islam.