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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 2 Class 5

The team in Class 5 are:

Class Teacher: Miss Jones 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Graham and Mrs Berry

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This half term we will be linking our topic of Towers, Tunnels and Turrets to fairy-tales and they will be producing their own stories in these styles. We will also be looking at non fiction books exploring the style of these to help the children create their own.

We will be focussing on:

– Choosing appropriate words to interest the reader

- Using all of KS1 punctuation

- Inference in reading


This half term the children will be focusing on various aspects of mathematics.

· Time

· Multiplication and Division

· Statistics

· Money

· Problem solving


We will be reading lots of stories with the children based on castles and the medieval age.

We are encouraging children to read at home

Art  and Design Technology

We will be making models of towers, bridges and tunnels. We will also be creating castles using natural resources.

Helpful Websites /castles/index.html


The children will be creating castles using drawing



This half term the children will be looking at how different materials are used in everyday life. They will also be working scientifically.


The children will be looking at different castles and structures around the world and in their local area.


The children will be learning about castle life and some significant people


· Athletics

· Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school

Dinosaur School

· The children will be getting ready for their graduation

Religious Education

During this term the children will be learning about