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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 1 Class 4

Welcome to Year 1- Class 4 (some important information for the year).

The team in class 4 is:

Class teacher- Miss Mykytiuk

Class teaching assistant- Mrs Ali, Mrs O'Brien and Miss Hall

Our topic this half term will be 'Enchanted Woodland'. 

|f you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a BIG surprise!
Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls in the swaying tree tops. Beneath the leaves are tiny footprints...animal or imp? You decide!

Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to its tree? Can you match a petal to its flower?

Let’s build a den, stick by stick and branch by branch. Or we could make a teeny tiny home for a woodland fairy!

Then lets party down in the woods, with Mr Fox and all his woodland friends. We’d better not get lost...let’s leave a trail of conkers as we go!

At last it’s time to rest by the woodland fire, listening to stories and toasting our sweet, gooey marshmellows. Yum, yum!



Hansel and Gretel


Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Measures –General
Number and place value


Making maps


Purple Mash
Sending E-mail


Working with natural materials
Building structures
Making party food


Traditional Songs and Nursery Rhymes


Dinosaur School


Plants and animals
Identifying and classifying





We ask that any homework for this half term to be completed and brought into school no later than Monday 18th May.  Children can choose to do one long project over the half term or a selection of the smaller projects on the list of ideas, which has been handed out.  Drawings, writing, research from the Internet, models or photographs are some of the ways that the children can complete their homework.  Some of the children will prefer to think of their own homework ideas based on space.

Library- Year one children will go to the library every Wednesday to choose 2 books.  These need to be returned every week so that your child can change them regularly. 

PE- Year 1 will have PE sessions once a week on Friday mornings.  All children require an indoor and outdoor P.E kit for these sessions.  

Open mornings- Elm Wood has an open morning every Thursday from 8.45am.  This is a great opportunity for you to come into the classroom to look at displays, see your child’s work in their books and speak to the class teacher.

School uniform- Can we please ask for all items of clothing (and P.E kits) to be labelled with your child’s name or initials.


Story time! 

Right now, we know that everyone is staying at home to stay safe. So here are some stories read to you by Miss Childs to keep you smiling.

Let's draw!

Here are some step by step drawings of things from the enchanted woodland.