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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to Elm Wood Nursery from the Nursery team. 

Class teacher - Miss Elisabeth Learoyd

Teaching assistants - Ms Ashworth, Miss Ashworth and Miss Neilson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs Stewart


Hello and welcome back to Nursery!

Summer 1

The next topic in Nursery is 'How high can I jump?'

This topic is all about sports and exercise and learning about what our bodies can do. We will be starting some 'ball skills' lessons in PE to practise throwing, catching and kicking large balls but don't worry, we won't be getting changed for PE this year. If you have any pictures of your children exercising or doing different sports at home, we would love to see them so please bring them in to share with the class.

We will be sharing lots of books with the children but three of them we will be focussing on will be:


  Image result for from head to toeImage result for frog olympicsImage result for yoga ogre


We have been continuing with our Phase 2 phonics and have successfully learnt s,a,t,p,i,n,m and we will be moving on to d,g,o,c this half term. Here are a few ideas for teaching phonics at home:

  • Use household objects and ask what the word begins with e.g. "Pan, what does sound does 'pan' begin with?".
  • Repeating the initial sound in a word e.g. c-cup, s-sausage etc.
  • Segmenting short words into sounds e.g. cat, c-a-t.
  • Look at words/letters that may be round the area and notice the shape of them e.g. sign-posts, street names etc.

Sports Day

To keep in theme with our topic of 'How high can I jump?' we will be having our very own 'Sports Day' just for a bit of fun with races including the traditional 'Egg and Spoon' race. We will confirm the date towards the end of the half term and you will of course be invited to cheer on your little one.

Nursery times

The Nursery doors will open at 8.45am for children doing morning or full day sessions and parents can come in and share activities with their child until 9.00am.

Lunchtime is between 11.45am-1.00pm and we ask that you bring a packed lunch if your child is staying over lunchtime.

Afternoon sessions begin at 12.15pm and end at 3.15pm, please try to stick to these times as lunchtime can be very busy.

You will be able to collect your child between 3.00pm and 3.15pm.