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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to Elm Wood Nursery from the Nursery team. 

Class teacher - Miss Elisabeth Learoyd

Teaching assistants - Ms Ashworth, Miss Butterworth, Mrs Kirkman and Mrs Gay

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs Stewart and Mrs Tomlinson


Hello and welcome to Spring 2! We're half way through the year already and the children have made amazing progress; we cannot wait to see what this half term brings.

Are eggs alive?

This half term we are exploring all things 'Spring'. We'll be looking at new life, farm life and egg life! The children will have opportunities to dissect flowers, look inside a variety of eggs and see real farm animals. Hopefully our outdoor area will begin to develop and change and the children will experience new life first-hand. 


We read lots of books throughout the year and choose some based on our topic. This is a really short half term so we will only be focussing specifically on these two books:

Image result for tadpoles promiseImage result for the very hungry caterpillar

However, we will be reading lots of farm books and animal books each day as well.


The farm is coming to visit Elm Wood! On Wednesday the 25th March, Ian's farm will be setting up camp on Elm Wood's school fields; the children will visit the animals, feed them and maybe even walk some of them.To find more information about Ian's farm please visit their website:



At the beginning of each year we assess the children's phonic knowledge and tailor small sessions around the children's needs. This may vary from listening to different environmental noises and identifying animal sounds to recognising letters and familiar words. We are now moving on to more formal phonic teaching and the children will be discreetly taught graphemes and phonemes and using their knowledge to read and write small words. The letters we will begin with are: s,a,t,p,i and n, we need the children to be able to hear and differentiate between these different sounds as well as recognise them in their written form. You can help your child develop their phonic knowledge by looking for letters in their environment, breaking down words to hear the different sounds e.g. cat = c-a-t and also practise writing various letters and words together to notice differences in shapes and sizes of graphemes.


Nursery times

The Nursery doors will open at 8.45am for children doing morning or full day sessions and parents can come in and share activities with their child until 9.00am.

Lunchtime is between 11.45am-1.00pm and we ask that you bring a packed lunch if your child is staying over lunchtime.

Afternoon sessions begin at 12.15pm and end at 3.15pm, please try to stick to these times as lunchtime can be very busy.

You will be able to collect your child between 3.00pm and 3.15pm.

Acorn times

The morning Acorns will start their day at 8.30am and should be brought to the school office where they will be collected by Mrs Gay. Their day will then finish at 11.30am and they need to be picked up from the school office as well. 

The afternoon Acorns will start their day at 12.15pm and should be brought to the school office to be collected by Mrs Gay. Their school day will finish at 3.15pm and should be pick up from the Nursery door.


Lots of the children will be staying over the lunchtime period and will be looked after by our brilliant lunchtime organisers Mrs Kirkman and Miss Butterworth. We are a Healthy School and apply for the Golden Grin Award each year so please send your child with a packed lunch filled with their favourite 'healthy' snacks. Some really good ideas for filling a lunchbox can be found here: