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Elm Wood Primary School

School Readiness

When is a child ready for school?

In the Rochdale borough, we believe school ready children are curious, confident and co-operative. We consider a child ready to start primary school if they:

  • Are confident in approaching and communicating with others

  • Are excited and enthusiastic about learning

  • Are resilient, ready to take on new things and solve problems

  • Feel safe, secure, cared for, listened to, valued and respected

  • Have a broad range of knowledge and skills and are able to make choices

  • Are active, healthy and can independently use self-care skills

  • Have started to develop an awareness of their own emotions and behaviour

  • Have started to develop their turn taking and co-operation with others

Why school readiness is important?

A child who is ready for school is more likely to meet their full potential, throughout their schooling and in life beyond the school gates.

How can I help my child be ready for school?

There are lots of things you can do to help your child be ready for school. See resources linked below for more information.