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Elm Wood Primary School

Our Children Say

Here is a selection of comments from the pupils at Elm Wood Primary School.

I really love our library area. It is really special. We have a tree where you can place your wishes and your worries. I also really like the teachers.

Year 6.

I loved doing the times tables challenge. We won! 

I am proud when my work is published on Pobble and put up on the Literacy wall.

Star comments from the teacher gives me confidence and a good perspective on what she think of my work.

Year 5.

I really enjoy all the fun topics we get to do. We have lots of trips and visitors in school to help us. 

We had a star dome come into school.  We listened to stories of the stars and constellations.  

I like completing the homework because we have lots of things to make and research.

Year 4.

I like using the the climbing frame on the playground. I help my friends to climb it.

I like getting house points at school.

I enjoy doing experiments in Science.  We did one with solids, liquids and gases.  We had to see which would go down a ramp the quickest.

Year 3.

I'm proud of my work - I made a treasure chest for my homework!

We had a visitor help us create a robot.  We had to unscrew lots of things first and then we could make the robot.

It's great learning about Gods and mortals, it's very mythical.  

Year 2.

I like having lots of friends. I like my teacher.

We had to do lots of things about places in Middleton.  The Old Boar's Head was really interesting.

Smiley faces make me happy.  House points means excellent work.

Year 1.

We put on a dinosaur museum and it was good.

I did some good homework and got a privilege.

When my work was on Pobble I read it with my mum and dad.


I know that fairy tales end with happily ever after.

I liked having a party with the tiger who came to tea.

My favourite story is The Three Little Pigs.  I like it when the wolf falls down the chimney.


We learn all about being kind and sharing.

We all went on a bear hunt.

We went in a star place and sang Twinkle Twinkle.