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Elm Wood Primary School


Oakley is our school dog here at Elm Wood Primary School. Kate went to choose her when she was 7 weeks old, there were two puppies to choose from so the choice was a bit she is. 

She started at school on 7th May 2019 when she was just 10 weeks old.


Oakley lives at home with Kate who is the Learning Mentor in school. She comes into school every day and is based in the Enchanted Forest room. She loves to get out and about around school, especially on the field. 

Oakley is going to puppy training classes on a Friday night at the moment and is learning lots of new things. She can now do sit, stand and down and some of the children have taught her to give her paw. She knows how to settle and will lie down as soon as the treats come out! Her favourite foods are cheese and chicken and she will do anything you ask so that she can get them.

We are introducing Oakley to the children slowly over time so that she doesn't become too overwhelmed. She still gets very excited when she meets new people and so Kate makes sure that she is on her lead and can't get too giddy. The children are very helpful and some of them have helped to walk Oakley, feed her, groom her and play games with her. She also loves it when the children read to her when she is tired and this has helped her to fall asleep. Her favourite story so far has been The Gingerbread Man.

We feel very lucky to have Oakley in school, she is loved by the children and staff and by the parents that have met her too.

These are just some of the photos of Oakley's journey so far and we will keep this updated with some more of her adventures so you can see how she is getting on and how much she is growing.

Oakley loves to go out for walks on the field with the children.