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Elm Wood Primary School

Good Character Award

Please read about our amazing pupils this week who have received a good character award.

Nursery: Rome Noi for being a brilliant friend and always thinking of others.

Class 1: Erin Brown for making us all smile every day and setting a super example to others in everything.

Class 2: Ella Baines for her gentle, kind nature and always being a good friend to everyone.

Class 3: Holly Cullen for always being kind and helping those around her.

Class 4: Onour Macey for always being kind, polite and a great friend to all in Class 4.

Class 5: Hamza Hanif for always being happy and friendly and for cheering everybody up!

Class 6: Joshua Hartley for being a great role model to others.

Class 7: Evie McCormick for having an amazing attitude to her learning.

Class 8: Lois Blyth for  always having a smile on her face and being polite.

Class 9: Maizie Heywood for always being a good friend to everyone.

Class 10: Harrison Docherty for always being considerate and asking children if they are alright when they appear upset.

Class 11: Kai Owen for having a fantastic attitude and being supportive of others.

Class 12: Isabelle Graham for being a good friend.

Class 13: Renee Robertson for being a kind and lovely member of our class!

Class 14: Tyler Chapman for being kind, polite and helpful at all times.