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Elm Wood Primary School

Good Character Award

Please read about our amazing pupils this week who have received a good character award.

Nursery: Timmy Kuznik-Knight for always making his teachers smile and his friends laugh.

Class 1: Jack Egan for having a positive attitude and always making us smile.

Class 2: Olivia Wynne-Thompson for being an amazing helper in class.

Class 3: Jessica Kasonga for always being kind to his friends.

Class 4: Sina Amirimansour Abad for coming into school with a smile. 

Class 5: Eden Hulme for always having such lovely manners.

Class 6: Teddy Blyth for reassuring a class member during the fire alarm.

Class 7: Marney Roberts for always being sensible and hard-working.

Class 8: Jude Brawn for being kind and helpful to others.

Class 9: Sienna Williams for always working hard in everything she does.

Class 10: Cole Noi for always having a fantastic attitude. 

Class 11: Maizie Heywood for always being polite.

Class 12: Olivia Bell for helping and supporting other children in D&T this week.

Class 13: Maisie Edwards for supporting her friends and offering encouragement.

Class 14: Ruby Rowlands for being a great friend.