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Elm Wood Primary School

Good Character Award

Please read about our amazing pupils this week who have received a good character award.

Nursery: Riley Ward-Healer for being the kindest friend and always making people smile!

Class 1: Ivy Lloyd for always being so kind and helpful.

Class 2: Ellis Vayro for always helping the teachers and being so kind to his friends.

Class 3: Asa Bramwell for always trying his best.

Class 4: Ivy-Bleu Valente for looking after her classmates when they feel sad.

Class 5: Noah Kennedy for making everybody smile and feel happy.

Class 6: Fynley Welby for helping his friend during Maths.

Class 7: Edward Haynes for always being sensible and setting a good example to others.

Class 8: Sofia Davies for always being kind and helpful to others.

Class 9: Dylan Kershaw for helping friends to settle in school.

Class 10: Xavier Bartholomew for looking after his injured friend.

Class 11: Harrison Payne for always trying his best.

Class 12: Mily Eyres for always trying her best, even when things are difficult.

Class 13: Daisy Howarth for being an excellent team player.

Class 14: Willian Torpet for helping and supporting friends when they need it.