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Elm Wood Primary School

Elm Wood Ambassadors

Elm Wood Ambassadors for Sept 2020 - July 2021 :  

The Ambassadors for this year are as follows:

Class 13: Freya Burgess, Brooke Gradwell, Charlie Burton, Izzie-Rose Dwyer, Evan Butterworth, Alexis Kernaghan, Thomas Barton, Hanna Kubiak, Amelia Hopkins, Anya Bull, Riley Routledge, Destiny Thompson, Niamh Mooney, Crystal Bodlovic, Lacey- Summer Williams, Maizie Young, Renae Robertson

Class 14: Collette O'Brien, Jessica O'Brien, Mirabel Douglas, Malachai Micallef, Freya Bridge, Ashvin Maholtra, Sam Boland, Tyler Chapman, Mia Green, Isha Aslam, Eden Bestley, Aaron Poole, Oscar Dawick, Kai Kirkley, Bethany Howarth, Kent amay Okung bowa, Owen Lyons, Taliah Goldie, Tianna Rowarth, Ruby Fuller, Renee Fuller

The Ambassador role will be very different in light of the COVID regulations we are required to follow.

Responsibilities of the Ambassadors:

Ambassadors are responsible for supporting pupils at Elm Wood Primary School.

Ambassadors are expected to approach the job at all times using the values set out in the Elm Wood Way:

  • Valuing our staff, parents and pupils
  • Focusing on pupils well being
  • Working together
  • Always learning and improving


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