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Elm Wood Primary School

Welcome to Year 2 Class 6

The team in Class 6 are:

Class Teacher: Miss Perrin.

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Graham, Mrs Berry and Mrs Fitton

Spring 1 Street Detectives.

Literacy – In Literacy this half term we will be looking at recounts and captions, as well as reading instructions we will also have a go at writing some. We will read diary entries and write some of our own. We will design our own adverts to persuade people to come to Middleton!

Numeracy- In our numeracy lessons we will be practicing our times tables, 2, 3, 5,10s and the related division facts, so keep practicing times tables at home! After this we will spend some time looking at money and how we can make different amounts. Next we practice telling the time.  We will recap our 2D and 3D shapes. Finally we will look at measures of capacity and volume of liquids.

Science- We will be looking at identifying and comparing a range of everyday materials. We will look at our local area and identify the plants.

Geography – We will be looking at the local area and the human and physical features. We will be using maps and making maps with keys. As well as this we will look at aerial images of the area.

History- We will be discussing changes within living memory and finding out about significant people. We will find out about places and events in our area.

ICT – We will be working on writing our own algorithms – instructions.

Design and Technology – This half term we will be designing signs to help to keep our community clean and tidy! We will also have a go at being architects and designing our own buildings, thinking about the materials and how each is suitable for a different job.


Art -  We will be creating our own drawings and paintings based on the work of local artists.


PE- We will be practicing our moving in and out of spaces safely and in a variety of ways. We will have a try at jumping over hurdles and thinking about how we need to move to cross the hurdle. We will use football ladders to improve our foot work.


RE-  We are reading stories from the bible about based on Jesus being a story teller. We think about what stories are and what makes a good story teller.


Music We are following the Charanga music scheme. We will listen to Glockenspiel Stage 1 sessions, joining in with the songs and later on adding our own sounds using the glockenspiels.